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The Geared System SEO Plan

Below is our SEO plan which details the process we take to optimise your website and engage more customers.

We provide this plan here because we believe that SEO should be easy and transparent.

Our plan includes stages with tangible outcomes. At every step of the way the process is documented and clear, which means you can get a real sense on your return on investment.

SEO is simple

Look better than your competition in the eyes of Google and your visitors

SEO is a means to acquiring new customers, to do that you need:

Content on your site that people are looking for

To make sure Google like your page from a technical perspective

When you apply these simple principles you will rank higher in search results and bring in more qualified customers


Do some quick homework

There are a ton of tools out there to get you started and a lot of them are free.

Here is a list of tools we recommend starting with:

  • remote & onsite support
  • desktop support
  • windows server support
  • linux server support
  • network support

Quick Wins

The first goal is to start reporting on traffic and measure a base line. The outcome here is access to all of the reports needed to make informed decisions. Without taking this integral first step we can not measure the effectiveness of anything we do to increase customers.

There are a ton of tools out there to help report on your progress and it turns out that some of the best are free.

Here are the tools we recommend and use:

  • Install Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Add your site to Google Maps by signing up to Google My Business

When you engage Geared Systems to do you local SEO, we setup automated weekly reports which track your search engine ranking, your competitors rankings, and your traffic. These reports are setup to your specific requirements and are used to track you progress as your site ranks higher in search engines.


Measuring the effectiveness of our optimisations is the key to acquiring quality customers with SEO


The Technical Stuff

Now that we can measure our success, we need to do a website audit.

The audit comes in two parts:

Audit the site from a usability standpoint
Make sure your customers are getting what they need as quickly as possible. This means making sure the text is easily read, the images represent your services or industry and that navigation through out the site is easy.

Audit the site from a technical perspective
Ensure Google likes your site. This means using words that represent your customers interests, ensuring the code is clean and fast, make sure no unethical or misleading practices are employed.

We can use a number of tools for this but the best by far is Google Pagespeed

Some other easy wins include:

  • Check the meta tags and descriptions
  • Make sure google is getting the best site description
  • Setup a robots.txt file to stop Google from going to parts of the site it shouldn’t
  • Setup an XML sitemap to let Google know where to look on your site

When you engage with Geared to do your website SEO, the outcome here is that your site will be audited and a list of recommended changes will be proposed with fixed costs.

The single worst thing you can do to hurt your SEO ranking is to try and game the system. Honest legit SEO is the only way to gain quality customers.

The single worst thing you can do to hurt your SEO ranking is to try and game the system. Honest legit SEO is the only way to gain quality customers.

Much More

All of our solutions are geared with the client in mind as we always strive to meet our client’s specific needs.

  • business reporting
  • software automation
  • business relocation
  • virus removal
  • internet setup